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ziggers uniteAnonymous7/14/2024, 11:53:30 AM#7d5f7394[Reply]

zig.png, 9.55 kB


are you a zigger? why are you a zigger? why aren't you a zigger? Will you become a zigger? i just enjoying saying ziggers, I haven't compiled a single single zig code at the moment, but im really sold on the name. what do you think?

Thread from /soy/

Anonymous7/14/2024, 4:43:45 AM#3df0dfc0[Reply]

why do i feel like all the sadness is my fault?

Anonymous7/14/2024, 6:09:20 AM#49aa7e7c
i niggered7/14/2024, 11:23:57 AM#0f0fb233

>>49aa7e7c yea that is you bitch boi discord user

Thread from /landing/

i niggeredi niggered7/14/2024, 4:52:51 AM#6f706caa[Reply]

overboard is the only board i view.

Anonymous7/14/2024, 10:36:50 AM#b7947393

how do you nigger on the overboard?

Thread from /landing/

i niggeredi niggered7/14/2024, 4:45:57 AM#5d0ecbe7[Reply]

i niggered

Thread from /landing/

Anonymous7/14/2024, 4:45:43 AM#ae96a5c4[Reply]

its like someone is dangling the key to the most powerful wonderful thing right infront of me then pulling it away each time i reach for it and i can never grasp it. irl, real love, and trust, and actually believing, and internalizing that the person loves me.

Thread from /landing/

Anonymous7/14/2024, 4:44:29 AM#1f7d4f5c[Reply]

i dont want to die. i want to feel love. irl, real love and trust.

Thread from /b/

Anonymous7/14/2024, 4:44:08 AM#ecb5f4dd[Reply]

why do i only hurt people who love me?

Thread from /landing/

Anonymous7/14/2024, 4:43:56 AM#08f93070[Reply]

why do i feel like i make everything worse?

Thread from /landing/

Anonymous7/14/2024, 4:43:32 AM#622cb889[Reply]

why cant i feel like im enough?

Thread from /soy/

Anonymous7/14/2024, 4:43:22 AM#1b51bd9a[Reply]

idk whats wrong with me