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Anonymous7/8/2024, 4:55:15 PM#b48c1c43[Reply]

sounds like a radiator in the background

Anonymous7/8/2024, 4:51:29 AM#1d5d3887[Reply]

my dear orb do you understand gooning

just chortledAnonymous7/7/2024, 10:50:47 PM#541a17e1[Reply]

of how pagmin has officially become an anti-brit

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love the theme tuneAnonymous7/7/2024, 10:34:37 PM#a45cdb44[Reply]

Anonymous7/7/2024, 10:28:19 PM#88f0a87b[Reply]

Slap it!Anonymous7/7/2024, 9:06:22 PM#eb62fe64[Reply]

I like his forehead, so attractive

one of my favourite tunesAnonymous7/7/2024, 7:44:56 PM#7109c865[Reply]

with 'fade out' to another balmy track also. what a lovely station, though not all the shows i really fond of, I like the music. I wish the BBC brought ceefax back like the old days. If they did, I would tune in more often.

Anonymous7/7/2024, 7:45:14 PM#f455deac

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Anonymous7/6/2024, 11:05:01 PM#5e46f190[Reply]

Children's D2HW evening 7/6/2024Anonymous7/6/2024, 5:10:45 PM#6f5d20b4[Reply]
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Anonymous7/6/2024, 5:31:33 PM#438a68ea

too realistic i guess

Anonymous7/6/2024, 5:31:53 PM#9c6a3fd8
Anonymous7/6/2024, 6:23:35 PM#5774413b

idk why the bbc removed (memory-holed) series 1 ep 6 from their streaming service.