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Anonymous5/30/2024, 10:44:22 PM#00d68748[Reply]

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saucepan ooohh saucepan! you chopped my pebble in half im gona get a revenge oohh! reh--veennge

Anonymous5/30/2024, 9:42:51 PM#174561ed[Reply]

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her name was lola she was a coffee she spunk likee fountain of my SAAAUUUCCEESAGGGEEE!!!!!! WOOAAHHH!! Now the saucepan is set to rise coffee drippin... ohcurse ya! curse ya! its the coffee in persiaaa!!! what I want is a proper cup of coffee made in a proper cup of coffe pot jim's coffeepot is a saucepanpot saaucepan pot really is a saucepan pot!!!!

Anonymous5/30/2024, 10:21:00 PM#137c48ff



this is rather catchanner and pedophilic

Anonymous5/30/2024, 10:04:04 PM#eb0e9bc2[Reply]

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yes, i am handsome and always am, whispy. Now shush!

Anonymous5/30/2024, 10:01:01 PM#cd9037f7[Reply]

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now explain why i am so handsome is it because I grow orbs in my agar plates or I have pasta with a fork?

Anonymous5/30/2024, 9:46:13 PM#c369472d[Reply]

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No! its a saucepan flat! the night they invented saucepan! as plain as they could be the night they invented saucepan! we absolutely gay we have got the bay for peebbbblleesss!!!! lalalalalaall!

Anonymous4/11/2024, 7:37:38 PM#09165311[Reply]

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okay since I'm bored I have questions,. is there a bump limit? what's the maximum number of pages a board can have? how do you block a client ID? is there a way to save client and reuse it, aka static client ID? what do you think of having stickies/locked threads? Basically client side locking sticking. will you ever implement a captcha? I will ask more when I get bored again.

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Anonymous4/13/2024, 6:44:49 PM#162ca2bd

>>eb9b5969 did you stop seeding? I added it and it's empty

Anonymous4/13/2024, 6:50:15 PM#72e215d0

>>162ca2bd nvm that was my internet being slow, I must stop being impatient.

Anonymous5/30/2024, 9:36:06 PM#69b7f7f1

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for I, erm-me curious mind, would like to know if there is a saucepan limit...

Anonymous5/30/2024, 9:33:51 PM#d87ac7a3[Reply]

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we'll drink we'll drink for my saauucceeppaann! now me fizz has got a compound blind tony meet bonnie CHAARRLLEE!!! oh! julius caesar, we put him in the hole the hole really is the hole oh we'll drink e''l drink from a mighty saucepan saucepan

Anonymous5/30/2024, 9:30:43 PM#4af106d4[Reply]

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a saucepan has his hat on hip hip hoo-ray! my saucepan has got his hat on and I've got me stovepipe hat on! I'm 9feet tall now hip hip hooray! cause' im wearing me finest stovepipe hat! drink up thine cider! drink up thine cider! cause' saucepan is under cover!!!! don't dilly dally on the way!!!!

Anonymous5/30/2024, 9:25:37 PM#32983fb9[Reply]

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champagne charlie is me name champagne saucepan is me gaaammmee! there's no drink a good as orbs orbs orbs! beer, beer, glorious beer coming out of me saucepan! GLOOORRIIOUUSSS BEEERRR! Drink a good dear of it my breadbin goes "jolly merry"

BBC + ABC + |PBS = wonGeorge_handsome5/30/2024, 9:17:41 PM#c6c0b5c1[Reply]

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dont be upset with saucepans also