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Hope ye like me peruke!George_lambda6/20/2024, 4:12:59 PM#a3f37edb[Reply]

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I am handsomeGeorge_lambda6/20/2024, 4:12:17 PM#7e339ed7[Reply]

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I never died of saucepans...

SAUCEPAN Nvke!Anonymous6/20/2024, 4:10:49 PM#b893756b[Reply]

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Anonymous6/20/2024, 1:25:19 AM#79e8ed57[Reply]

lets be real having the posting sidebar visible in the overboard and catalog is unnecessary.

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Anonymous6/20/2024, 7:44:00 AM#6033e02d

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>the posting sidebar visible in the overboard

its The BBC's thing. The admin is trying to implement that to his site... similarly, many viewers would say "lets be real having the sidebar showing the next programme (squashing the credits) with announcer speaking over those lovely credits music is unnecessary.

Anonymous6/20/2024, 7:46:43 AM#bf63a64e

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#6033e02d and I agreed with them... in British broadcasting system, the channel's idents are made for that there's no need to squash the the credits like the yanks.

Anonymous6/20/2024, 9:03:01 AM#a33c1925

>>6033e02d trvth nvke

its highly histrionicAnonymous6/20/2024, 8:53:32 AM#1f964a96[Reply]

its funny...Anonymous6/20/2024, 7:55:23 AM#0213aa64[Reply]

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Lain actually went to bed after midnight (without dst). What a sore loser with "saw" bottom...

Anonymous6/20/2024, 7:57:29 AM#0f8bd93c

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in other words, dst can actually make you lose an hour of sleep time...

yes,Anonymous6/20/2024, 7:51:09 AM#a7fb8f9b[Reply]

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and i'm the only handsome man posting here

Anonymous6/20/2024, 7:39:51 AM#9af1bf70[Reply]

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oh dear, im such a handsome man...

i niggeredi niggered6/20/2024, 2:13:46 AM#b403dac1[Reply]

i niggered

post hot dickiesGeorge_manhunter_lambdaplusjs6/18/2024, 7:09:01 AM#42d63180[Reply]

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that is supposed to replace cunny, which is a cringe feminism thing... Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex (still, not as handsome as the man in the mirror, didn't make me orgasm like viewing the man in full-body mirror)

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george_lambda6/18/2024, 7:17:18 AM#c78e5163

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Anonymous6/18/2024, 5:01:51 PM#aac83559

>>42d63180 why do you want to replace cunny?

Anonymous6/20/2024, 12:30:08 AM#a1ca4430

>>42d63180 patch we get it you're a boylover but pedos steganography can't be stopped ok