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i likeAnonymous6/23/2024, 9:37:26 PM#667ab12f[Reply]

handsome.webp, 84.24 kB


bald pate men with hair at sides. So H O T!

Anonymous6/23/2024, 9:38:07 PM#18f548cf

>>667ab12f you never said that about brandon

Anonymous6/24/2024, 6:47:21 AM#ff7ed91d

1326.jpg, 88.85 kB


so handsome, that man can suck my hungry bierwurst now

engineered holeyspoonAnonymous6/23/2024, 10:47:34 PM#f2df2e9c[Reply]

i niggeredi niggered6/21/2024, 6:01:33 PM#fe670c14[Reply]

hey you guys sorry i havent been niggering much. im lurking tho. ive just been really busy, i started working and school. so thinga are improving for me. anyways dont think i forgot about yalls's xD

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i niggered6/23/2024, 4:41:59 PM#6df5ed45

>>e2433550 yuh

Anonymous6/23/2024, 7:51:42 PM#fcb79400

1345.jpg, 46.74 kB


>>723aabfe sounds pretty saucepan to me.

Anonymous6/23/2024, 7:54:02 PM#64230755

>>fcb79400 too handsome

breakAnonymous6/23/2024, 7:49:37 PM#49a01bed[Reply]

with saucepan-rubbing-together tune?

continuity Sun 23 Jun 2024Anonymous6/23/2024, 7:43:45 PM#4071e364[Reply]

I like childrenGeorge_lambda6/22/2024, 7:12:52 PM#36b56899[Reply]

aged between 35 to 68 what are your opinions regarding children in that age range? they might look almost as young as a 319 year-old man like me but they are so bloody young compared to my age. I'm not really a pedo and I would not like to be one

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Anonymous6/23/2024, 1:38:46 AM#91fbb655


>what are your opinions regarding children in that age range?

not hurtcoreable enough 0/10

Anonymous6/23/2024, 1:39:18 AM#c3f50d11

>>4627c484 you're a bona fide pedonigger now histy congratz dude

Anonymous6/23/2024, 1:44:37 PM#ae23e44e

1842.jpg, 60.61 kB


>>c3f50d11 No! I'm not! I'm a manlover!

i love itAnonymous6/22/2024, 9:15:33 PM#e4601255[Reply]

loveit.png, 142.21 kB


this post made me laughed

Anonymous6/23/2024, 1:17:31 AM#7f2008c2

I payed the windows tax

Anonymous6/23/2024, 1:36:47 AM#2c237b42

>>7f2008c2 patch you didn't pay for shit give welfare the credit it's due

Anonymous6/23/2024, 7:22:54 AM#66e51ed5

>>2c237b42 they payed what they owe me

Anonymous6/23/2024, 7:19:35 AM#09a732c6[Reply]

today I gooned it all it's over

first overtime cp broadcastAnonymous6/22/2024, 11:30:38 PM#9f9f416b[Reply]

a wigger really is a wiggerAnonymous6/22/2024, 11:11:44 PM#45f11145[Reply]