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Show/hide sidebarAnonymous6/25/2024, 9:48:34 AM#4451cae1[Reply]

sidebarpng.png, 39.88 kB


In the latest version of the gladden client you can hide the sidebar by clicking the » link on the right side of it.

Anonymous6/25/2024, 4:53:31 AM#90eaec33[Reply]
Anonymous6/25/2024, 4:54:49 AM#ae003e2a

Anonymous6/23/2024, 4:12:30 AM#c4011b1a[Reply]

it seems that kohlchan got captcha'd

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Anonymous6/23/2024, 10:40:07 PM#da326058

>>a8db5b55 bladxhzi >>092955bd histroico

Anonymous6/25/2024, 2:50:43 AM#2f85c682

>>11955d04 you'll eat your words patchy

Anonymous6/25/2024, 4:19:26 AM#22e989eb

>>2f85c682 stop the threats

Anonymous6/25/2024, 3:02:16 AM#06b531d8[Reply]

p a t c h p a t c h p a t c h and patchy was his name-o

my editsAnonymous6/24/2024, 2:03:46 PM#fd803ce0[Reply]

lol.png, 157.66 kB


I dont really care what people think but I found it funny.

Anonymous6/24/2024, 2:44:48 PM#2ae3de8c


Anonymous6/24/2024, 5:18:50 PM#35716355

handsomeGP.png, 440.79 kB


>>2ae3de8c what a quality orb. Seems like patch is competing with lambda pagmin.

>clearnet >no discriminations against the handsome poster >no moderations

May Patch's Peerchan win!

Anonymous6/25/2024, 2:39:31 AM#2f6fbe1c

>>35716355 dance monkey dance t. patch

Anonymous6/25/2024, 1:54:57 AM#5d43f946[Reply]

patch won

muh tor cant even stream a single frame of thisAnonymous6/24/2024, 9:05:31 PM#c653633f[Reply]

tor is a failure. You won't be able to make your communication clear with this rubbish service.

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Anonymous6/24/2024, 10:26:48 PM#0de165f3

im thinking of exposing localhost without opening orb ship door and tor/i2p, how do I do that? I think its time to give up tor entirely. It's so dial up-ish

Anonymous6/24/2024, 10:28:24 PM#354ab892

strict.png, 262.24 kB


>>0de165f3 yes, I do agree, me dear orb. To view orbs on lantern slides you need more orb flow rate..

Anonymous6/25/2024, 12:32:19 AM#0b7de34f


can't sleepAnonymous6/24/2024, 6:50:20 AM#6a1d415e[Reply]

3142.jpg, 48.90 kB


got too much orgasm. I hate being a virgin man. All the men had run away from me just because I was strange, I hate when that happen. It was even worse with women.

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Anonymous6/24/2024, 7:47:09 AM#0feff330

538.jpg, 44.24 kB


>>3b1db48c yes! your sausage has been fixed, thanks

Anonymous6/24/2024, 7:49:43 AM#a27d7182

20.jpg, 30.34 kB


>>3b1db48c that happened to me when I was waiting for the new Stellar 1000 S1F4B to arrive

Anonymous6/24/2024, 9:55:50 AM#6b5f6a49

hqdefault.jpg, 7.14 kB


Anonymous6/23/2024, 10:14:32 PM#6a14936e[Reply]


Anonymous6/24/2024, 8:10:30 AM#817aee12

lol donald duck tard

Anonymous6/24/2024, 9:54:11 AM#63a622a0

¶The impossibleAnonymous6/24/2024, 12:04:19 AM#7decfa2a[Reply]

2785.jpg, 18.76 kB


SAUSAGE! think pf ¶ as a music note

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Anonymous6/24/2024, 4:17:23 AM#1cf7e0a1
Anonymous6/24/2024, 7:59:20 AM#88e656aa

2001.jpg, 16.75 kB


>>1cf7e0a1 The thing that made me really addicted to microsoft office orbs

Anonymous6/24/2024, 8:04:39 AM#eb05874b

2700.jpg, 60.78 kB


>>1cf7e0a1 I remembered going on a hunt for beige windows orb boxes, hoping that I would be the lucky one to get the box equipped with a paperclip with grey background.