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george_lambda7/2/2024, 12:43:29 AM#47c66ee5[Reply]

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i guess lambda faggots didn't realised until they see this.. lambda "panorama" the last time I used this trick was like two years ago. I had even done with three pics

Anonymous7/2/2024, 12:46:28 AM#8cebfd59

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the first set of posts was better because it was before the watermark was introduced.

Anonymous7/2/2024, 12:57:11 AM#3cae6d42

whats the lambdachan link?

love this postAnonymous7/2/2024, 12:35:38 AM#0b11f357[Reply]


hole in head best cure for headachelambda_VHS7/1/2024, 5:22:38 PM#00c0527e[Reply]


this und that

>413 Request Entity Too Large >nginx/1.18.0 (Jewbuntu)

Anonymous7/1/2024, 7:15:41 PM#020145a9

>>00c0527e lol i wonder when will firefox supports x265 playback without videojs. I cant even get picture even on mobile i dont think onion fags can stream h264 over tor a 720p h265 video can be compressed to 160mb without quality loss

Anonymous7/1/2024, 7:16:37 PM#658c32d7


>a 720p h265 video can be compressed to 160mb without quality loss

im talking about a 27 min video

he heAnonymous7/1/2024, 6:55:20 PM#a76029f2[Reply]

got another loophole account for my children videos. Now I can watch them anywhere. lets forget about whole-houe vhf tx and embrance orb tunnel hmmm. a 38yr old child dressing up so H O T! No waistcoat, frockcoat (halfdressed!) Could you see his undergerment through his shirt? I think he didnt wear one (lewd really is lewd).

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Anonymous7/1/2024, 7:01:11 PM#a06518e6

i like how standards have changed, seeing half-dressed men like this in public makes me wants to wank myself off somehow.....

lewd7/1/2024, 7:09:07 PM#7cebc1b2

#a06518e6 not really. this is mine

Anonymous7/1/2024, 7:09:25 PM#c1ecaa20

george_lambda7/1/2024, 5:39:01 PM#8f22ff8f[Reply]

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beheaded and "saucepan!" beheaded and "saucepan!" Cause Henry the eighth has got a saucepan in his hand His head becomes a saucepan!

Anonymous7/1/2024, 4:46:25 PM#dd629e48[Reply]
Anonymous7/1/2024, 5:08:58 PM#be103e2c

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#dd629e48 hi, write a letter to nanotrannies for me, please? Spoof all my stylometry, make it orb-like to fool pagmin's automod..

Anonymous7/1/2024, 9:30:42 AM#3bdbba15[Reply]

i niggered.png, 99.67 kB

i niggered.png

i niggered

Anonymous6/30/2024, 1:23:21 PM#6340d319[Reply]

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Lambda fagmin jannies quicker than usual seems like he is back to spooncucking... EDIT: i forgo its Sunday, commoners are on a break from work...

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Anonymous7/1/2024, 8:20:37 AM#be2441cb

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>>1ca3e04c wage slavery really is wage slavery. But who knows, you might get that three day-offs the other days.

i niggered7/1/2024, 8:49:07 AM#54f40bd0

i am just gettin money cause i want it to do something i dont need it to live

Anonymous7/1/2024, 9:25:32 AM#b2a29b4e

>>be2441cb what can I say I'm too mind broken to not be a slave

i niggeredi niggered7/1/2024, 9:09:24 AM#8645ebc3[Reply]

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i niggered.png

i niggered

i niggeredi niggered7/1/2024, 9:08:19 AM#efe702fb[Reply]

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i niggered.png

i niggered